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Results for 11 March 2019

Research Highlight | March 11, 2019

Precise sorting of tumours may improve treatment

Close evaluation of colon cancer progression, and disease characteristics, could hone treatment options

Results for 21 December 2018

Feature | December 21, 2018

Producing fit and active centenarians

TRI is striving to enliven society by harnessing the power of regenerative medicine

Research Highlight | December 21, 2018

Preventing spinal cord injuries is a numbers game

A longitudinal investigation at the Hyogo Rehabilitation Center suggests that age-targeted preventative strategies could reduce the incidence of spinal cord injuries

Results for 20 December 2018

Infographic | December 20, 2018

Liver cirrhosis

Once thought to be irreversible, cirrhosis of the liver now seems treatable — and drug development is proceeding apace.

Results for 30 November 2018

Research Highlight | November 30, 2018

A stem cell fix for limbs

Patients with renal failure and blocked arteries in their legs respond favorably to a new kind of stem cell therapy

Research Highlight | November 30, 2018

Narrowing a treatment plan for asthma

Asthma attacks come in three forms, and each requires a different management approach

Results for 8 November 2018

Infographic | November 8, 2018

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a debilitating and incurable condition. But researchers have found fresh angles of attack, and a host of upcoming treatments raise the prospect of a durable victory against this common form of inflammatory bowel disease.

Results for 12 October 2018

Research Highlight | October 12, 2018

Tight quality control pays off for prostate cancer treatment

Standardized nationwide staff training in prostate cancer treatment in Japan contributes to high patient survival rates 

Research Highlight | October 12, 2018

Weighing the Asian response to statins and stroke risk

Understanding the long-term use of statins for preventing stroke recurrence in Asian patients

Results for 14 September 2018

Research Highlight | September 14, 2018

Milk thistle extract could prevent cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Blocking amyloid assembly in blood vessels is a promising strategy for slowing dementia

Research Highlight | September 14, 2018

Validating biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease across ethnicities

Are the markers of early Alzheimer’s disease similar across populations?

Results for 23 August 2018

Feature | August 23, 2018

Collaborating against cancer

Convening for the fourth year, Japanese and Taiwanese academics continue to push forward together to tackle critical medical science issues.

Results for 25 July 2018

Research Highlight | July 25, 2018

Quick questionnaire for Alzheimer’s disease

A new questionnaire to help detect and monitor Alzheimer’s disease

Results for 13 June 2018

Feature | June 13, 2018

Casting a wider net for big data benefits

Embracing big data promises to expand the knowledge brought by clinical trials and lead to safer therapies

Research Highlight | June 13, 2018

Growth factor restores scarred vocal cords

A first-in-human clinical trial demonstrates the safety and efficacy of growth factor-based therapy for vocal fold scarring

Results for 2 May 2018

Research Highlight | May 2, 2018

Surgery brings on the smooth talk

A Japanese surgical procedure gives patients their voices back

Results for 19 April 2018

Feature | April 19, 2018

Launching a wealth of medical knowledge

An authoritative source of medical information for almost 120 years, the MSD manuals are now freely available online in Japanese

Results for 7 March 2018

Feature | March 7, 2018

Living well to a hundred and beyond

The public were given a preview of therapies that promise to preserve the quality of life of people well into old age

Feature | March 7, 2018

The harmony of standardized data

Translational and clinical research is hampered by the ‘dissonant notes’ of poor efficacy systems and a lack of data standards, claim researchers and policymakers. Fixing these problems can save lives.

Results for 14 December 2017

Infographic | December 14, 2017

Repairing the neural highway

The spinal cord rarely repairs itself when damaged, but ways of encouraging nerves to regrow are on the horizon.

Results for 30 November 2017

Research Highlight | November 30, 2017

Preventing stroke in Asian populations

A common cholesterol drug could help prevent certain types of strokes in Asian people

Results for 29 November 2017

Research Highlight | November 29, 2017

Repurposed drug could help clear toxic plaques in Alzheimer’s disease

Boosting the flow of blood to the brain could slow cognitive decline in patients.

Results for 26 October 2017

Research Highlight | October 26, 2017

A better view for healing hearts

An infrared imaging technique effectively facilitates stent insertion into blocked heart vessels

Feature | October 26, 2017

Stem cell therapies demonstrating their potential

CD34 positive stem cells could be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions

Infographic | October 26, 2017

Closing the gap

A bone fracture that fails to heal after initial treatment can lead to prolonged disability. Regenerative therapies might help to restart the bone-healing process, getting the people affected back in action.

Results for 23 August 2017

Infographic | August 23, 2017

Saving life and limb

Many people with critical limb ischaemia have no option but to have the affected limb amputated. Can regenerative medicine offer an alternative?

Results for 5 July 2017

Research Highlight | July 5, 2017

Saving limbs by growing new blood vessels

Stem cell therapy offers hope of rescuing blood-starved limbs

Results for 4 July 2017

Research Highlight | July 4, 2017

A bit of cheek restores sight

Cells transplanted from inside the mouth could restore sight in people blinded by disease, but practical challenges may hamper therapy delivery

Research Highlight | July 4, 2017

Regenerative fix is music to the ears

A growth factor helps repair ruptured eardrums without invasive surgery

Research Highlight | July 4, 2017

Stem cell therapy could help fractures heal better faster

A stem cell treatment offers a faster and less invasive way to fix fractured bones that have failed to heal

Research Highlight | July 4, 2017

A stem cell fix for spinal injury

Stem cells derived from bone marrow could help people with damaged spinal cords to recover

Feature | July 4, 2017

Clinical trials on trial

Poor standards in clinical trials waste time and money, and cost lives. Global cooperation is the only way to raise the bar.

Feature | July 4, 2017

From lab to clinic

TRI director Masanori Fukushima says considering disease mechanisms are the key to providing medicines to ease the journey into old age

Results for 21 June 2017

Infographic | June 21, 2017

Marching to a new beat

In the most severe cases, a ruptured eardrum can require surgery to put it right, but tissue-engineering techniques might provide a much simpler solution.

Results for 19 April 2017

Infographic | April 19, 2017

Let there be sight

Loss of the stem cells that constantly renew the surface of the cornea causes pain and, in some cases, blindness. Advances in transplantation and cell culture are helping to restore vision to even the most severely affected people.